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District Attorney Spencer Merriweather addresses Precinct 206 in the April 2019 meeting.

April 2019 Precinct Meeting

The April 10, 2019 precinct meeting began with a couple remarks from Drew about a potential field trip to Raleigh; we’ll explore possibilities for that in mid- to late-May. After that, the meeting was turned over to Mecklenburg Country District Attorney Spencer Merriweather, who told us a bit his office and its duties (85 prosecutors, Read more about April 2019 Precinct Meeting[…]

N.C. Superior Court divisions map

2018 Judicial Races & Constitutional Amendments

The judicial branch of government is an important pillar of our democracy and plays an increasingly vital role in defending the rights of all Americans. Be informed about North Carolina Courts and judicial races in 2018. And learn about the proposed Constitutional Amendments which could have a significant impact on our state. Courts and Constitution Read more about 2018 Judicial Races & Constitutional Amendments[…]