October 13, 2017



A $25 donation gets you a bar of Precinct 206 Blue Wave soap. You don’t even need to actually use the soap to get the benefits: simply place it on your desk and the smell of democracy will gradually permeate the room.

A donation of $60 gets you a t-shirt (ring-spun cotton: not raspy!).

There are many worthy causes competing for your support, but we believe that the current political moment makes our mission especially crucial. We’re hard at work reaching out to new voters and new communities, nurturing candidates, and building the group, even when there are no elections underway. Moreover, our work is intensely local in nature: all funds go to events and causes in which our own members can participate.

Gifts of any amount are welcome: every gift, no matter amount, is a demonstration of support, and for that, we are most grateful. We are actively soliciting recurring donations at three levels: $50, $25, and $10 per month. These recurring donations will lend stability and continuity to our finances.

Donate through ActBlue!

How have we invested donations?

This last election season we staged Get-Out-The-Vote community picnics in West Davidson and Cornelius, as well as fundraisers for both Christy Clark (House 98) and Natasha Marcus (Senate 41).  We printed door hangers and blue ballots that were carried to all democratic and unaffiliated voters in Precinct 206 and also distributed at the polls. These efforts, we believe, were important in successfully electing both Christy and Natasha. These two seats helped break the Republican supermajority in Raleigh. We also hosted a reception for state-wide judicial candidates.

In the fall of 2019, we plan to stage another “Democrats in the Park” event. This follows in the footsteps of a successful event in April 2018, when Congresswoman Alma Adams spoke at a community picnic, with some 200 residents from West Davidson and East Davidson in attendance.

If you prefer, you can always send a check. Make it out to Precinct 206 Democrats and send it to:

Precinct 206 Democrats
P.O. Box 541
Davidson, NC 28036

If you can donate in-kind items or services, they would be much appreciated too.  Office supplies and equipment, meeting refreshments, graphics design/printing services, volunteering, etc. 

Please contact us with your in-kind donation ideas  info@precinct206dems.com