Davidson Town Hall

Date: August 19, 2019
Location: Davidson Town Hall
Attendance: 25

With the arrival of the principals, the meeting began at 7:07.

  • Greg opened with a few remarks about Drew’s farewell party and Eitan’s book.
  • Barbara spoke about the upcoming Dems in the Park event and put in a plug for volunteers.
  • Steve laid out canvassing opportunities, both for McCready and for the upcoming municipal race.
  • John commented on developments with Votebuilder, and how he’s figured out how to tag members of our group with specific numbers.
  • Emmie put in a plug for Positively Davidson, asking folks to fill out their survey
  • Cutler spoke about canvassing with the College Dems and described the Organizing Fellow idea.
  • Jennifer de la Jara spoke about her candidacy for School Board, her background as an educator and some of her positions/policies.
  • Snyder said a word about the housing theme we’ve been pursuing and about the Development Committee and the need for recurring donations. We’ll try to do more with that in the next meeting on Sept 16.

Broke up into smaller groups chatted for 10 minutes, then reconvened. Some ideas for future work that came up in discussion:

  • Registering high school students; can we just show up and do that? Trish was in touch with Alyssa about that possibility; Kristen Eshelman was reputed to perhaps be of some help with Dems at Hough High; Jennifer de la Jara said it’s fine as long as it’s non-partisan; Bill Strong concurred. Rosemary Colen, a recent Hough graduate would also be good to draw into the process.
  • Steve Justus said that some municipalities had explored the possibility of letting 16-year-olds vote in the elections, and that he’d asked Cindy Read about that. She may need a reminder.
  • Social events: Nich Whittington had the inspired idea about beer nights for young people, maybe at a place like Brickhouse, and Emmie volunteered her house. Nich and Freesia were going to work on this.
  • Question arose about staging a Dem Good Time up here in North Mecklenburg, and there was general agreement that would be good to try. [Snyder private thought: maybe at Old Town Public House in Cornelius? A middle ground between Huntersville and Davidson.]
  • Given that some people are coming to our meeting from outside of 206, a few folks thought it might be nice to hold a meeting at Cornelius Town Hall, but others felt that as the 206 Democrats, we’re better off to keep it local. The best thing to do would be to fire up other precincts in Cornelius to meet in their town hall!
  • Dora brought up the idea of folks dropping in on churches; a nice idea.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.



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