Criticism, even harsh criticism, is one of the forms that patriotism takes. It travels alongside a love that pays attention, that sees clearly, and in spite of it all, celebrates that love. 
The "absolute equality of rights" mentioned by Granger has yet to be achieved. Having the "right" to do something is not the same as having the ability and the capacity to do it.
"Not any evidence." There it is, right there. There's no fire, but there's plenty of smoke, and the smoke is coming off the Republicans, not from any systematic problem with election integrity.
Marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge
Still in the afterglow of New Year’s Day and the season of resolutions, it seems like […]
pic of people voting
  Weekly email, 8-22-21 We often talk about “getting people to vote,” and how hard that […]
Politics is for Power book cover
Back in October of 2018, an editorial appeared in the New York Times entitled “In a Deep […]
On Monday, June 15, Seth Morris from the North Carolina Democratic Party joined the precinct for […]
Davidson Town Hall
Date: August 19, 2019 Location: Davidson Town Hall Attendance: 25 With the arrival of the principals, […]
N.C. Superior Court divisions map
The judicial branch of government is an important pillar of our democracy and plays an increasingly […]
Christy Clark, candidate for NC House District 98
Christy Clark is running to unseat Republican incumbent John Bradford in N.C. House District 98. On […]